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How much does FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

Price is important but so are high standards of medical practice, so make sure you are well informed before making your decision. As a consumer/potential patient you need to be aware and understand that FUE surgery is not performed in the same way at all hair transplant practices.

Do your homework/research: Make sure you’re in full possession of the facts before you make your choice about where and with whom you will have hair transplant surgery. Does your doctor of choice just oversee the procedure? Or do they actually participate in the procedure?

Who extracts the grafts? Who makes the incisions? Who implants the grafts?

At Paras Hair Transplant Clinic, the doctor does all three!


What you need to know


  • The Procedure
    Who is performing your procedure? Is it the doctor or his/her technicians? Does the doctor participate in the surgery or does he/she oversee the surgery? Who will be extracting the grafts? Who will be making the incisions and implanting the grafts? What instruments are they using? How big are the incisions? Will you be left with scarring?
  • Your Unique Head of Hair
    Do you have enough donor hair? Has it been assessed correctly? We measure the density of your donor area and accurately determine how much we can take out, and from where. Is your surgeon extracting evenly across the back of the head or are they randomly extracting? This then can impact the density of the remaining donor area, leaving you with thinner or thicker patches.
  • Your New Hairline
    Where and how are they implanting the grafts? We also measure the recipient area and determine what the existing density is prior to the surgery taking place this then allows us to measure the density post 12 to 18 months after surgery, to see how successful the hair transplant has been. Grafts can be damaged if the person doing the implanting does not have the correct training/experience.
  • Aftercare
    What care will be provided post-surgery? How will they follow you up? Post-surgery we follow our patients for up to 18 months. Will you be made fully aware of any post-surgery concerns and things to watch out for?

Starting from $7.00 + GST per graft.

From start to finish, your hair transplant surgery is in the safe hands of a fully qualified and experienced doctor who cares as much about the results as you do.


credit card iconHow much will my FUE hair transplant cost?

Our FUE hair transplants are priced using a sliding scale. Prices vary depending on how many total grafts are required.

The doctor doesn’t just oversee the procedure - he participates in it from start to finish. And his senior technician has over 20 years of experience in hair transplant surgery.

A consultation with the hair transplant surgeon costs $200.00 (Medicare Rebate $72.00).

How Many FUE Grafts Will You Need?

The number of grafts you require depends on your unique head of hair; we assess the density of the donor area, we consider your current hair loss and assess the existing hair/density in the recipient area, we anticipate future hair loss, review your preferences and make a recommendation based on our density calculations. Our calculations are explained to you in detail in the consultation.

Split the cost. Get the same results.

Having a hair transplant procedure can be an expensive process, but instead of putting it off, why not split your hair transplant into several sessions over 6-18 months? You can still achieve the desired result, but a little at a time. FUE surgery becomes more attainable and more affordable this way.

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FUE vs FUT - What's the Difference?


When researching hair transplants, you may have come across clinics that offer FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) as a cheaper alternative to FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), but take note - FUT uses a different, more invasive harvesting technique compared to FUE. 

FUT usually harvests follicles from the back of the scalp, by removing a long thin strip of skin containing hair follicles, whereas in FUE follicles from the donor area are carefully moved, individually, using a manual extractor. 

The cost of FUE hair transplant can vary depending on how far hair loss has progressed and therefore how many grafts are required. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a meticulous and manual process. It involves the removal of individual grafts from a donor area and inserting them, one follicle at a time, into the scalp to restore a natural-looking hairline.


Unlike the invasive FUT procedure:

  • FUE is less invasive,
  • FUE has a faster and less painful recovery,
  • FUE has less post-procedural discomfort,
  • FUE maximises donor hair for harvesting,
  • FUE does not leave a large tell-tale linear scar, and
  • FUE can be performed without heavy pain killers.

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