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Initial Consultation

Why pay for a consultation?

During the consultation, the patient receives a thorough explanation and assessment of the viability of hair restoration options from the doctor. We discuss...

Patient history

Patient hair loss, if the patient has seen other doctors, how long he/she has been losing their hair, if the patient has been taking medication, and an explanation of FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery.

Patient goals

We discuss what the patient is wanting to achieve (we are realistic with the patient about their goals). We assess if the patient is suitable for surgery. A patient is not always a suitable candidate for surgery. Age, the condition of the scalp, (scarring), the density of the donor area, the quality of grafts, and hair loss to date are all factors in determining the suitability of the patient for hair transplant surgery. If the patient is suitable we will then discuss FUE hair transplant surgery in detail. FUE is the only hair restoration surgery we perform at Paras Hair Transplant Clinic.

We discuss the advantages of the FUE technique over FUG/FUT surgery.

FUG/FUT (donor strip surgery) will leave all patients with a long linear scar across the back of the head. So, what happens during FUG/FUT surgery? The surgeon excises a long strip of donor skin/follicles. It is the technicians rather than the doctor who is responsible for dissecting the grafts under the microscope and implanting them into the recipient area. The alternative FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique has the surgeon extract and implant the follicles individually, resulting in less scarring and faster recovery.

What happens if a patient is not suitable for hair transplant surgery?

We discuss all other treatments that are available to the patient. Such as:

What if you are suitable for hair transplant surgery using the FUE method?

We assess the patient’s donor area and determine the amount of donor hair that they have. We assess the recipient area and do the same. This is measured and calculated in a precise mathematical way; giving the patient the best possible outcome/result. Density measurements and photos are taken of the patient.

What is FUE hair transplant surgery?

During your consultation, we will also discuss in detail how FUE is performed. FUE surgery is performed under local anaesthetic. The patient is fully awake and sitting upright throughout the whole procedure.

How experienced is the doctor?

We discuss the doctor’s experience to date, their role in detail, and how involved is the practitioner in surgery. We go into great detail answering questions like Who extracts the follicles one at a time? From where? How are they extracted? What method is used to extract them? Does this affect the overall density of the hair in the donor area, post-extraction? What instruments does the doctor use? What difference do the instruments make in the extraction and implantation? Who makes the incisions when implanting? How are the incisions made? What are they made with? Who implants the grafts/follicles into the recipient area?

Technician's experience

We discuss the technician's experience and what they do in surgery.

FUE surgery pre-operative and post-operative instructions

Patients receive detailed instructions about how much downtime the patient needs post-surgery, what the patient can do and not do post-surgery, and for how long.

Follow up

We follow-up with patients several times up to 18 months post-surgery, until the patient's grafts reach their full growth potential, and explain how we are different to other clinics.


Patients receive a detailed quote at the end of the consultation which is valid for 3 months.

Interstate Patients

We understand that some patients may prefer to travel for procedures like this and want to make it as easy for you as possible. We start by providing the initial consultation online. When you travel to Melbourne for your transplant, we'll organise the airport transfers for you and if you need a convenient place to stay, we recommend the Hotel Sofitel. All under one roof, Paras Hair Transplant Clinic is located in the same building as the Sofitel Hotel, for easy and discreet access.


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