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News and Articles from Paras Hair Transplant

Hair loss can be a very distressing experience for men. Even more so if you are young, with a stunning 25% of men experiencing hair loss before the age of 30. Fortunately, there are new ways in which you can repair the damage of hair loss and gain an amazing head of hair. The best method of restoring your hair to its former glory is an FUE hair transplant. An FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant is a minimally invasive operation in which hair follicles are separately extracted from the back of the head (the donor area) and placed into the thinning area (recipient area). Here are five reasons why you should choose an FUE hair transplant.

1. Minimal scarring

FUE hair transplants don’t leave visible scarring. This is a huge advantage over other methods of hair transplantation, which all result in clear scarring on the scalp. FUT is a competing form of hair transplant and requires a strip of skin to be cut out from the back of the scalp, follicles are then individually dissected under a microscope and implanted into the area of deficiency. This method leaves a long linear scar and requires at least three months post care, as the healing process is very lengthy. After healing, the long linear scar left behind from FUT remains a severe disfigurement to the back of the scalp. However, an FUE transplant does not have this problem due to its state of the art, minimally invasive technique. This lack of scarring grants you more freedom in your choice of hairstyle as you will not have to worry about 'covering up' the scars on your scalp.

2. Greater yield per graft

If your surgeon is proficient, an FUE transplant will offer more hair per graft than FUT. With FUT, your surgeon will dissect a long strip of skin, from ear to ear, in doing so this method of hair transplant surgery destroys many follicles that cannot be used to transplant with and diminishes the donor capacity for future transplant surgery. FUE hair transplants enables your surgeon to individually select the graft/follicle without disturbing or damaging other surrounding follicles. The surgeon is also able to individually select the stronger denser graft/follicle, resulting in up to 33% more hair per graft. The reason that FUE produces a greater result with the same or fewer grafts, according to clinical studies, is because the FUE technique leads to a much lower rate of follicle injury.

3. Less intrusive technique than FUT transplants

FUE's state of the art, minimally invasive technique allows patients to avoid the common issues with FUT transplants, such as pain and numbness in the scalp. Most FUE transplants are non-invasive, so nerves and blood vessels are rarely touched. An FUT transplant, however, usually results in the scalp feeling tight due to the cutting away of a strip of skin and the resulting linear scar. Not to mention the lengthy recovery time.

4. Best, longest lasting results available

An FUE transplant leads to better results - with the same number of grafts - as an FUT transplant. Furthermore, the FUE technique allows the transplanted hair follicles to age far more gracefully than an FUT transplant. This is due to the difference in time the follicles are out of the body. An FUT transplant can often see the grafts left outside of the body for up to five hours during transplant surgery, as time is needed to individually dissect each graft/follicle under the microscope. During an FUE transplant, however, follicles spend less time outside of the body. This, coupled with the non-invasive technique, allows an FUE transplant to produce far better, longer lasting results than FUT.

5. Faster recovery time

The minimally invasive technique of FUE allows patients to recover faster, with most being able to return to work the next day. FUT, however, requires almost two weeks of recovery and several return visits to the clinic to have stitches/staples removed.

All of the above benefits are more likely to occur if you choose an experienced and proficient surgeon. At Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic (part of the Paras Clinic), our specialist has more than ten years' experience in hair transplant surgeries. So, you can rest assured that you will have a lush, full head of hair after visiting us.

Key takeaways

  • FUE is far superior to FUT surgery. FUE is minimally invasive as it removes each hair follicle one at a time – leaving no long linear scar. FUT, however, cuts a strip of scalp skin containing follicles from the back of the head, dissects them, and then implants them. This long incision leaves patients permanently disfigured at the back of their scalp.
  • Get an FUE hair transplant because you’ll get: minimal scarring, a greater yield per graft, less intrusive technique than FUT transplants, the best, longest lasting results available, and a faster recovery time than if you choose FUT.
  • To find out more about the best hair transplant Melbourne has to offer, get in touch with us today.