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When looking into getting a hair transplant, an important question is where to get your transplant done. Low prices overseas tempt many patients. Indeed, a whole industry has sprung up to meet this demand, known as hair transplant tourism. But when it comes to medical surgery, choosing the cheapest deal is not the best choice.

Any surgery carries risks. We all know this. But sometimes we can dismiss this, especially when we live in Australia and have become accustomed to expecting high standards of medical care.

Australia has excellent structures of oversight, regulations, and protocols, and some of the best standards of care in the world. When opting for elective surgery, it pays to choose wisely. Over the years, prices have become more affordable in Australia, meaning that patients can choose to have hair transplant surgery right here in their back yard.

Who is performing your hair transplant?

When performed by a licensed and trained medical doctor, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants are a great solution to hair loss. Unfortunately, many patients have opted for treatments and surgeries undertaken by unqualified technicians, leading to disaster.

Fraudulent and illicit hair transplants by unlicensed, untrained, and unskilled technicians can lead to unnatural hairlines, scarring, infections, poor hair growth or wrong direction growth. These transplants occur more than you might like to imagine, with patients frequently misled by false advertising claims, 'guaranteed results', and low prices. These fraudulent, illicit, and ultimately dangerous treatments occur around the world. A credentialled doctor, with qualified, highly trained technicians, should always be performing your FUE hair transplant surgery. Not just unqualified technicians.

To ensure you choose a credentialled medical doctor for your transplant, even when choosing a local clinic here in Australia, you can search for a doctor via the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) or other online registered bodies.

What are the facility standards and what technology will they use for your transplant?

For an FUE hair transplant, you want to ensure that your chosen clinic uses modern technologies in the hands of a skilled and experienced doctor.

With an FUE hair transplant, follicular units are individually extracted from your donor areas using a small round micro punch. The extraction is a skill in itself; it is the key to securing the follicle/graft intact with its bulb and gland. Using various tools such as needles or micro blades, your doctor then makes the precise, tiny, angled incisions in the recipient area so as the follicle/graft can be inserted. The medical standards and up to date technologies of the facilities used within your chosen clinic can make an enormous difference to the success and end result of your FUE hair transplant.

What will be the post-surgery follow-up?

Local surgery in Australia also means local post-surgery follow-ups. A post-surgery follow-up is crucial to a successful treatment. Your clinic should monitor your progress and assess the results after surgery. You should expect a post-operative appointment in the first week after the surgery, and then at least 3-4 follow-up appointments in the next 18 months.
Patients choosing to undergo an FUE hair transplant surgery overseas have to fly home back to Australia after their surgery. This creates a barrier to experiencing a smooth post-operative recovery, diminishes the likelihood of successful results, and causes further challenges should any complications arise post-surgery.

Local post-surgery follow-up means smooth and easy access to care for patients and clearer communication between surgery and post-follow-up. Since post-surgery follow-up is essential for the best results, choosing to have your FUE hair transplant locally here in Australia equates to a smoother and more successful hair transplant treatment.

Key takeaways

  • All surgeries carry risks, so it makes sense to choose wisely where to get your surgery done.
  • Fraudulent, illicit, and ultimately dangerous hair transplant treatments occur around the world.
  • A credentialled doctor and medical team, not just unqualified technicians, should always be performing your surgery.
  • The facilities and technologies used within your chosen clinic make a difference to the success of your FUE hair transplant.
  • Post-surgery follow-up is essential for the best results.
  • Choosing a local treatment equates to a smoother and more successful hair transplant treatment.
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