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If you’re a devotee of beauty bloggers, follow Instagram influencers, or even just strike up conversations with random ladies in public bathrooms, you’ll know that almost every woman swears by at least one tried and tested beauty hack designed to save them time, simplify their beauty routine and boost their confidence without breaking the bank.

What you might not know is that there’s a new beauty trick that can save you time and money and is both permanent and natural. It’s an eyebrow transplant, and it’s a game-changer when it comes to getting the full, perfectly shaped brows you want, without the drawbacks of microblading!

A lifelong investment

As we age, our brows naturally thin, so it’s savvy to invest in a permanent solution that will ensure your brows are always selfie-ready. One reason Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is superior to microblading is that it’s permanent. Forget half-yearly touch-ups - an eyebrow transplant is a solution that looks fabulous long after it’s done. You avoid the pain of repeat procedures and you’ll never have to raise your now-perfect brows at any hidden costs either.

In fact, according to Paras Hair Transplant Clinic's specialist cosmetic surgeon and expert in hair transplants, Dr. Peter Paraskevas, around three-quarters of patients need only visit once for their eyebrow transplantation, with the remainder requiring only a second touch up procedure to achieve their ideal thickness. Compare that to having to endure microblading every time the ink fades (it’s actually metabolised by your body, eek!) and you can see why actress and star of The Intruder Meagan Good walked away from tattooed brows and trusted her trademark look to a transplant.

A natural look

Gone are the days of trying to match the right ink colour to your brow colour! With FUE, our experts use single hair follicles to deftly build up the structure along your real brow line, creating a completely natural look. By using only your own hair to create thick seamless brows that perfectly match your colouring, the result is far more flattering than what can be achieved with cosmetic tattooing. Once you see what a gorgeous natural look can be achieved by using your very own hair, you’ll wonder why you ever considered any other option.

Is microblading safe?

Microblading isn’t considered a medical procedure but remember: the blade penetrates the skin. This means there is a potential risk of infection if the tools aren’t sterilised appropriately, your cosmetologist isn’t trained adequately, or the health and safety of the clinic where it is taking place is not up to standard. You may also wish to know more about what is in the ink used. And what are the long-term effects of so many repeat procedures?

Paras Clinic is a Nationally Accredited Day Procedure Centre. At Paras Hair Transplant, your eyebrow transplant will be carried out by a fully qualified hair transplant surgeon, in a state-of-the-art clinic where you will receive comprehensive care. Our instruments and anti-infection protocols adhere to the highest health standards and regulations in preventing infection. We follow strict guidelines relating to procedure, management and follow up, ensuring that all patients obtain quality care and achieve the best possible results - their ideal brows!

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Non-invasive professionalism

At Paras Hair Transplant Clinic, we’re committed to creating an experience that’s as comfortable as possible, without compromising on the clinical standards essential to giving you a successful outcome. Because we only use FUE, the procedure is minimally invasive, with individual follicles transplanted with the utmost care. Unlike FUT, which requires the removal of a strip of scalp skin, the most common side effects of our FUE method are minimal swelling and some bruising around the eyes for up to 5 days after the procedure. More often than not, after a week of chilling on the couch, you’ll be bouncing back into work with a look that would make Lucy Hale jealous.

Is this the solution for you?

While a FUE eyebrow transplant is less taxing on your time and wallet than microblading in the long run, it is an intense process for the person performing it, with aesthetics and technique paramount. Dr Paras suggests patients always do their homework and ask as many questions as they need in order to feel confident that the person working on their brows is the best.

Just a side note - while women often have fuller brows on their wish list due to overzealous plucking in their youth, past laser hair removal, hormonal shifts or medical conditions, FUE eyebrow transplants are not only for ladies. Men, too, can experience thinning eyebrows due to age or genes, and everyone can expect a warm welcome at Paras Hair Transplant Clinic. So, if you want to leave messy brow products behind for good, but don’t want to go down the path of lifelong touch-ups with microblading, click here to get in touch today.

Key Takeaways

  • If you have patchy and sparse eyebrows and dreaming of full brows, FUE could be the answer for you and is a better option than repetitive microblading.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is permanent and does not require touch-ups like microblading. You can grow your own brows.
  • Book an appointment with Dr Paraskevas to find out more about how an eyebrow transplant could work for you.