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News and Articles from Paras Hair Transplant

As follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair restoration becomes an increasingly affordable and feasible procedure, clients are faced with a huge variety of choices when it comes to the clinic, technology, and technique they would like to opt for.

Once considered a laborious and expensive option for those seeking a hair transplant, FUE has become an ever more desirable option in recent years thanks to technological developments. Typically, FUE transplantations are still more costly than traditional follicular unit transplants (FUT). However, they are often preferred for their better results, shorter recuperation times and there is no prominent linear scar on the back of the scalp.

There are a number of factors that will affect the cost of FUE treatments such as a particular surgeon’s reputation or equipment costs. Perhaps the most important factor affecting pricing, however, is technique. So, what are the different kinds of FUE and how much do they cost?

Manual FUE

Manual FUE has plenty of advantages over Robotic FUE and is generally the most widely used variant of follicular unit extraction. There are a number of excellent surgeons that have a reputation for performing manual FUE, who will often charge quite healthy sums for their skills. However, manual FUE is generally more affordable and more precise than robotic types of FUE, so those on a budget may consider it as a first option. 

Robotic FUE

Robotic FUE is a recent development which automates follicular extraction and implantation. The benefit of robotic devices is reported to extract follicles at a much faster rate than manual extraction and implantation. Despite these speedy perks, however, patients often lose out on quality and precision, which is vital when wanting an excellent end result. Robotic FUE devices have been linked to high transection rates (inadvertent damage to the follicle) than the more traditional techniques. Many surgeons are giving up on robotic devices until improvements are made. Generally speaking, robotic FUE is more expensive than other varieties of FUE as it is less common and often accompanied by manufacturer royalties.

So which treatment should you opt for?

We recommend manual FUE over robotic FUE every time, and that’s why manual FUE is the only hair transplant method we offer in our clinic. With manual FUE, the hair transplant surgeon is active/involved at every stage of the procedure. Can the same be said for robotic FUE? Or will a technician with a lower level of training supervise robotic FUE?

During manual FUE in our clinic, Dr Peter Paraskevas uses high magnification to view the extraction area and give attention to each follicle. He extracts follicles one by one, calibrating the extraction punch (rotate, oscillate, depth) to suit the unique angle and characteristics of each follicle, helping to ensure the lowest transection rates. When implanting the follicles into the scalp, working manually allows the doctor to insert follicles at the right depth and angle for that area, making sure that the follicle is not damaged when implanted, and no visible scarring is formed post-surgery. The correct angle of the incision will follow the direction of the existing hair and even the angles and direction of curl. This helps to give a great, natural looking result, instead of leaving patients with hair growing at odd angles, and plug like incisions, which can be a tell-tale sign of a poorly executed hair transplant.

It’s details like these that make for a successful and great looking hairline and overall hair transplant. Nothing beats a manual hair FUE hair transplant from a highly-skilled hair transplant surgeon whose full attention is on giving the patient the best possible outcome. You want someone who is active and participates in the procedure from start-to-finish and not only overseeing technicians to monitor a robot.

Ultimately, deciding which type of treatment to opt for depends on personal preferences and the surgeon that is offering treatment. If you’re looking for an effective hair transplant in Melbourne, the Paras Clinic - Melbourne Hair Transplant is for you. Dr Paraskevas is highly trained and sensitive to the needs of our clients. If you’re interested in booking a consultation, please get in touch on (03) 9662 1863 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to take you through the process.