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If you get a hair transplant, will everyone know? Can it look natural?

Discovering that your hair transplant has left you with an unnatural hairline can be devastating. Luckily, the right treatment techniques and professional expertise maximises the chances of you ending up with a hairline that looks natural and that blends with the rest of your hair.

As a leading provider of FUE hair transplant procedures in Melbourne, we know how important it is for patients to end up with transplants that appear just like their former natural hairline prior to hair loss. Take a look at the ways in which we aim to give you the results you're looking for.

Hair transplant using extreme magnification

Extracting the follicle/graft intact, and making the correct incision, when inserting a follicle/graft, intact, is vital if the end result of your transplant is going to suit and be successful.

Using extreme magnification (the lenses we use magnify anywhere between six and eight times); we can see the hair follicles with such fine detail when extracting them, (minimising the transection rate), and we can see exactly where the best place is to make the incision, when implanting them. We can vary the slant and direction of each incision made along the hairline, matching each one to the slant and direction of your pre-existing hair. This means that implanted hair will grow and fall the same way as your existing hair. When transplanting the frontal hair line, the incisions are made a lot smaller, to allow for single hair follicles/grafts to be implanted. This will allow your new hairline to look much the same as your original natural hair line.

Top quality blades are essential

Obvious scarring along the hairline isn't just unsightly, it can also be a giveaway that your scalp has been subject to some form of cosmetic treatment. High-end, ultra-sharp blades made from premium metals such as titanium and stainless steel are the solution to this problem. Although more expensive than standard blades or injection needles, high-grade blades give clean cuts that are quicker to heal and are unlikely to leave noticeable scarring. Clinics that use injection needles, which can dull quickly, are putting their patients at risk of scarring, leaving depressions in the skin, which can be visible after hair growth and a tell-tale sign of a hair transplant.

Check who is actually going to carry out your hair transplant

Before choosing a practice to undertake your hair transplant, it's important to ask who is actually going to do the work. Although many clinics have a suitably trained and experienced transplant surgeon on their premises, it may not actually be the surgeon who carries out the work. A junior technician or a less experienced member of staff won't be able to offer the level of expertise that a senior surgeon can provide. For the most natural, authentic transplant results, use a provider whose surgeon carries out the surgery in its entirety – from start to finish, not just one phase. Make sure that the surgeon a) fully extracts the follicles from the donor area, (with a very low transection rate), b) makes the incisions in the recipient area, and c) assists in the implantation of the hair follicle.

FUE hair transplant gives a flattering end look

The goal of a hair transplant is to restore a patient’s hairline in a way that suits their facial structure and doesn't appear artificial. In most cases, this means following the original, natural hairline, as well as making sure that any natural direction changes that the hair follows are mirrored at the transplant site. For this to happen, the surgeon completing the procedure needs to make sure that each hair follicle that's taken from the back or side of the head (from the donor area) is inserted at the correct angle to match existing hair. This meticulous process requires considerable skill from a highly trained hair transplant surgeon and is important if a transplant is to blend-in with the rest of the hair.

Top-quality hair transplant Melbourne residents can benefit from

At Paras Clinic - Melbourne Hair Transplant offers a complete suite of hair restoration services, providing advanced transplant techniques that can give natural, unobtrusive results. The surgical team is 100% committed to giving every patient a hairline that's natural, along with transplanted hair that grows and hangs in a similar manner to the hair found on the rest of the scalp. Nobody wants a hair transplant that can be easily spotted: FUE hair transplants from us stand out precisely because they give an attractive hairline that's virtually indistinguishable from the original.

Key takeaways

  • Before going through with an FUE hair transplant, you should be confident that your selected clinic is giving you the best possible chance of a successful, natural looking result. 
  • Ensure that your hair transplant surgeon is using high magnification to see the direction of pre-existing hair to guide the direction of implantation. This means your transplanted hair will look as natural as possible.
  • The use of high-grade titanium or stainless-steel blades to make the incisions for implants (not easily dulled needles) will ensure minimised scarring and faster healing.
  • Make sure your surgeon performs the whole surgery.
  • Call Paras Clinic - Melbourne Hair Transplant today to discover the best hair transplant Melbourne has to offer.